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the news continues with "live on the record." thanks for being with us. this is a fox news alert. western envoys telling syrian opposition leaders to get ready. a military response to syria's chemical weapons use could happen at any moment. syrian president assad crossing the red line so will president obama give the green light and when? >> nobody knows what the red line means. nobody know what is crossing it means. nobody know what is you have to do to cross it. nobody knows what's going to be done if you cross it. >> they're under great pressure for the president to act. he drew that red line a year ago this month. >> there would be enormous consequences if we start seeing movement on the chemical weapon line front. that's a red line for us.
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>> chemical weapons have been used. >> what we saw in syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. >> a red line that has been crossed. >> bashar al assad felt he had to use these chemical weapons. the president said it was a red line and he interpreted it as a green light. >> there is no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria, the syrian regime. >> the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. >> if you listen to john kerry, we're going to war over the claim of weapons of mass destruction? that's what chemical weapons are. haven't we already seen this movie ♪ very people thinking of taking us into war in syria, aren't they the one who is steadfastly opposed this in iraq? and aren't these the same people that threw a party practically
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when there were no wmds found? mitchell has the latest developments from just across the border in beirut, lebanon. mitchell, what's the latest? >> reporter: what we've seen today is a very strong statement from the syrian foreign minister saying that syria will respond to this attack if one does material with just about anything within their resources. >> in terms of what's going on on the ground there, the u.n. inspectors, were they able to make a second day of inspections? >> reporter: we weren't informed about their movements today, at least not yet. a release should come out shortly. they are supposed to visit the site of several places where there were allegations earlier this year of chemical weapons used and it may very well have been that they were on their regularly scheduled inspection tour. but we've also seen a few strange things in the region
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including a beefing up of military assets at military bases used by nato in cypress, as well as a few statements coming out from parties in lebanon that this could destabilize the region. >> is there a way to describe who the rebels are in syria? are there several different groups, how well organized are they? >> no, there's no way to say there's one particular rebel ideology. you're talking about dozens or hundreds small to medium sized group. there are some who degree in a democratic secular syria all the way over to islamists have come over from iraq who ascribe to al qaeda ideology and have an alliance with them. it's very muddled because of the way that it's formed. it was village by village that started resisting against the
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regime and people joining together getting outside backing. it's very difficult to say they have a consistent ideology. >> where is, if you know, the syrian president? is he? damascus? has he been seen in public recently? >> about a year ago a bomb went off during a meeting inside damascus. ever since then they don't really broadcast his movements. from time to time pictures will show up on the official press on state tv of him visiting sites or holding meetings, but his location is kept fairly hush hush. it's not a situation like saddam where he was moving every night to 52 different palaces but certainly the syrians haven't wanted the rebels to know where the president and top officials are, let alone nato. >> is he the one who has the power in this country or is someone else in the
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organization, the ba'ath party making the calls? >> reporter: inside syria, i would say his immediate family a core of elite. they seem to be making the calls and i think it's a very small group. what their internal dynamic is like is just something we don't know at this stage. one person joked with me that the chemical attack might have been an attempt by his brother to make sure none of them could end up defecting. whether or not that's true, we have no idea but that's literally how little we know. >> are you hearing on the ground whether or not the people in syria realize that there is some movement outside syria, there's a possibility of some sort of missile strike or something else in response to the chemical weapons? i mean, are they aware of it, that there's a lot of world attention on them? >> reporter: that's just about all anybody in syria or lebanon can talk about right now. syria for the most part has maintained access to the outside world during the revolution.
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they know this is very much being dedebated. you can see it on twitter. rebels groups are waiting. they wonder if there is a strike will it be enough to change the situation on the ground as opposed to a symbolic strike to make the world and international community feel better. >> mitchell, thank you very much. >> reporter: it's always a pleasure. >> a warning to president obama, congress is not just a consultant when it comes to making decisions about syria. senator corker joins us. what do you mean by congress is not just a consultant? >> well, they have -- they are honoring the war powers resolution, which says that they have to consult with congress. i was consulted with yesterday because my position on foreign relations.
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but i would hope they would also come back and seek an authorization. the president does have the ability as commander in chief to start activities like those being discussed, but i think he's much better off if he gets approval from congress. they have another step from the standpoint of making our nation aware of what's happening. there still are intelligence documents that need to be declassified so that the american people and myself, i do plan to go up -- i am going up tomorrow and hopefully will have a classified briefing. but there's another step as far as informing the american people of the knowledge we have regarding the chemical use on the ground. and then, you know, what i would hope is that at some point they would come to congress for authorization. congress has been missing in action for a long time when it comes to this.
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some of that emanates from the fact there is no ownership over the acts that take place. >> there's a lot of attention on what t what the u.s. is going to do and the british prime minister is going to convene parliament to see if he can get authorization. why are we deferring to the arab league to sort of discipline or punish or do a military action themselves? why would we be doing it in front of them? >> well, i think the president, the leader of our country has announced, whether you like it or not or whether you supported him or not, that if a red line was crossed, action would be taken. i think in this case they think there is no question whatsoever that this action has been taken. and i will say that, you know, iran is watching as we make statements, are we going to back those statements. let me just say this, greta, i
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strongly support a targeted, surgical, proportional approach to syria on this. at the same time, do i not want it to be the kind of approach militarily that gets us off the policy that we now have in place and that is syrians taking the lead. we have announced that our policy is going to be to quip and train the moderate, vetted opposition. to me that is a policy that should continue. so to me the syrians need to be the ones that continue to carry this out. i think you know that they're very unorganized. i know your last person said that. candidly general idris who we're consolidated around isn't really operating inside syria. the coalition of civilians is operating out of cairo. so there really isn't any consensus in the country as to who would take over if assad goes. so there's a lot of work that needs to be done on the ground by the opposition. we need to let them take the lead.
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our role should be equipping and training and giving humanitarian aid after we do what i think is going to happen over this next week if the intelligence reports are made available to all of us, if we take those steps, i want to make sure that it doesn't take us off our stated policy as it relates to the opposition. >> what is our -- what are we seeking to achieve or what is our target? i assume if we go up to the chemical weapons, we run the risk of another humanitarian crisis. if we go after assad, he moves around, he's hard to find. what is our actual target if we do make these surgical strikes? >> i know those options are being presented. we've been obviously in conversation, those options because they're still discussing what they are and what the chances are success are with those, i don't know what those options are yet. you've heard people -- i've heard people on your program talk about the various options, everything from the presidential palace, which apparently the white house is saying is not
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going to be hit to air strips, to the compounds that you just laid out. but at this time, again, it's congress's role to authorize and, again, i hope they will come to us to do that. it's the commander in chief's role to actually conduct the activities on the ground. >> are you satisfied that you are being consulted and phone calls are going back and forth? is that what you mean by consulting, the president meeting that standard? >> greta, the standard is loose. again, i do -- yes, i was consulted yesterday. i did receive a call from the secretary of state. we had a conversation. we did check back to the -- with the white house, is that their view of what consultation is. i did have conversations with the situation room on friday and on sunday. but, greta, one of the things i feel i should have and i would hope the american people would have some glimpse of is i want to see the intelligence.
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i want to see what our intelligence officials have found on the ground. it's interesting that the united nations is there. candidly they don't even have a mandate to assert blame in this case. they're just trying to see if there's been any kind of chemical warfare. to me it's very important to understand what it is we're relying upon, to know for sure and i think this administration feels very sure, but i want to know what it is they're relying on to be sure there's actually been chemical warfare that's been utilized. >> senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. >> at this hour battleships are in position so how would an attack be carried out? let me go, major, to something blunt that you said, quote, what we're about to do is dumb, i know of no credible officer who thinks this is the right thing to do. every sane war fighter is
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against this. >> yup. war should not be made to make people feel good, to elevate the president's gravitas. you have a purpose and tactical actions like this coming cruise missile strike on syria, they have to culminate in some sort of strategic end. i don't know how this end. i know how it's going to start. if we're going to put the lives of our men and women at risk, we need to tell them that the strategic end is something else than somehow making the administration feel good about retaliating to this horrible chemical attack by the syrian army. >> are we really putting our men and women at risk if they're firing a cruise missile from the mediterranean? i suppose there's a risk of something going dreadfully wrong. the second thing, i don't know
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what we achieve. are we trying to take out president assad? if we do, who takes over? what about the chemical weapons? where do you fit in on this? >> first of all, i'm concerned that -- about risk. there's very little risk in the initial stage. but wars don't end cleanly. they certainly don't end with the delivery of 250 cruise missiles and that's the end of it. you know, the enemy has a vote. war is intrinsically a two-sided contest where the minute can retaliate. he may well do that, he may try to shoot down our aircraft and attack israel, use hezbollah as a surrogate to strike the united states either overseas or the united states with terrorist attacks. the enemy is not going to sit back and let this happen. what happens after all the explosions and assad is still standing and willing to fight? it's not the libyan army, the syrian army, these are tough,
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blood thirsty killers. >> the arab league, they threw syria out, suspended him in november 2011 because of what was going on in syria. you'd think there would be enough regional muscle. they have a huge interest of this and they've already taken the action of throwing syria out of the arab league temporarily. >> i think it's because we're involved. >> why don't they lean on them to do it? >> they can't. they don't have the military mite, the commanding control, the cohesion. frankly, they don't have the military skill to go into -- >> i mean, then that's the answer. that's the answer. >> absolutely. >> so what is our goal here? >> i think our goal is retaliation and vengeance. i think it's pretty obvious that the syrian army used chemical weapons. the president called that a red line and so he feels we have to
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retaliate. >> but it's been a little weird. if you go back to the present statements, all these predictions going back two years, president assad is on his way out, he's going back to may 19, 2011. we keep saying he's about to leave but he hasn't left. >> evidence suggests he's getting stronger and this weighs heavily on the administration. and not only that but the people who are fighting assad, many of them don't appear to be any better it and assad. so god forbid we start an act of war where we wind up aiding people who hate us. i mean, i don't get this. there are no clean lines here. this is the middle east. but we ought to be a little bit more clear in where we're going with this because i will guarantee you the delivery of a couple of hundred t-limbs are
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not going to end this. >> t-limbs are the cruise missiles? >> yes. >> i thought i'd explain that. should president obama get authorization before ordering a strike on syria. vote now on and coming up, about obama and comparing it to the civil rights movement. is health care a civil rights movement? and did you a hear what reverend jesse jackson said about the tea party? well, you will. two tea party members are here to go on the record to respond. plus is rush limbaugh looking for a second career? coaching college football? really? we'll hear the evidence and then you decide for yourself. so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts
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the white house is comparing obama care to the civil rights movement. would dr. marlton luther king like obama care? president obama says this. >> what do you think he says about obama care? >> he would like that. >> well, because i think he understood that health care, health security is not a privilege. it's something that everyone should have access to. and on -- starting on october 1st, because of the affordable care act, obama care, anybody who doesn't have health insurance in this country is going to be able to get it at an affordable rate. >> kathleen sebelius going further by invoking the words of dr. king. without the opportunity to live a healthy life, there's no opportunity to live the american dream or participate fully in our communities.
10:22 pm
for every one of our neighbors who lives day after day in fear because he doesn't have insurance, there's an urgency of now. she went on to say, we must march ahead. does the white house have any business tieing the health care law to the civil rights movement? >> good evening, greta, it's nice to be with you. >> i know you're opposed to obama care from the get go. this is tieing it to the whole idea of civil rights. and i'm curious whether you think it's appropriate or not appropriate? >> well, it's hard to math that something that is going to be so harmful to america can be associated with the civil rights movement. president obama promised it would cost less, people could keep their own insurance, millions are losing it. he promised it would create jobs, improve our economy. people are being moved from full time to part time.
10:23 pm
his promises are not holding true. what they're doing is pushing a lot of people on to medicaid programs that fewer and fewer doctors will see. there are better ways to get health insurance to people. and wrap it into packages, is certainly not a fair representation of this. i think civil rights involves freedom in equality, and americans have a right to own their own health plan, and not to be dependent on the government and some bureaucracy to decide what kind of health care they're going to get. >> i talk to small business owners night after night, and many of them say they're cutting back. obama care is not going to be helpful, my interviews are not a scientific study. it's not a huge volume of people. i assume that after the first of the year, we're going to get a taste of reality one way or the other. whether it is affordable, whether businesses are cutting back so much, that people are out of work. we're going -- this is going to be tested.
10:24 pm
>> we've been in ten cities with thousands of people who come out. if you don't have a job, your health insurance is not nearly as relevant. and a lot of people are losing their jobs or being pushed to part time. thousands of americans are standing up saying, we need to stop this bill before it goes any further. we know it's going to hurt health care, it's going to hurt people, it's not going to fulfill the president's promises. we think by september, millions of americans are going to be saying to congress, stop this bad law, let's improve the system we've got, it's the best in the world, let's don't go down this socialistic health care road. >> let me ask you a question, and you no longer -- you're a retired u.s. senator. i'm curious, this whole idea whether or not you think it's wise for the gop to risk a shutdown of the government over the issue of defunding or funding obama care. if you were in the u.s. senate, which way would you be -- would you be willing to go that far to shut the government down? >> there's no question, greta,
10:25 pm
if this isn't worth fighting for, nothing is. i've never heard a republican say they want to shut the government down, that's not the goal. at heritage, we're asking the congress. >> if that's the realistic impact, would you be willing to live with that? >> the relevant question is, will obama shut the government down in order to save his failed law. it's unfair, it's unworkable, he's given waives to congress, waivers to big business, but not to the average american, if the president chooses to shut the government down, it's on him, i think republicans should fund the government, but they should not fund obama care. >> well, i think it all -- there are indeed waivers which i don't get -- a lot of people have waivers that others -- americans didn't get, of course, the people work on capitol hill are now getting a federal subsidy that others may not be eligible for. there's a lot of funny business associated with it, but it could be very interesting when congress comes back to town, early september. and we see what happens. senator, as always, thank you,
10:26 pm
sir. >> thank you, greta. i think a lot of them are going to change their mind when they hear from their voters. >> we'll see. like i said, it will be interesting. thank you, sir. coming up. did you hear what reverend jesse jackson said about the tea party? the tea party is not taking his comments sitting down. two tea party members here next. and rush limbaugh in a fight with some college football coaches. if he's not, why is he interrupting them? the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet?
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10:31 pm
that you're racist? do you read it that way? >> i do. i think it's race baiting, but i'm not going to take that bait. i do think the reverend jackson has really betrayed the dream of martin luther king in the sense that king was a uniter, he was not a divider, he did a lot of good things for the nation, bringing people together, whereas comments like this are going to divide people, it's the last thing we need right now. right now we need a leader that will unite us. take us forward. our national motto, we need to get back to that. >> your thoughts about reverend jackson and what he said, the tea party is the resurrection of the confederacy. >> i guess i would want to know, what is he basing that on? if we're so racist, is it racist that we're fighting obama care, because, you know, you just had jim demint on, he's talking about, there are 700,000 people that have signed the petition at
10:32 pm
don' that's not all white people, that's hispanics, blacks. the whole spectrum of americans, because it is wrong for america. it has nothing to do with racism. >> you know, i've known reverend jackson for 20 years, we worked together over at cnn. when has he spoken to anybody in the tea party, find out what you want, what are your concerns, your jobs. what is sort of the -- why are you in the tea party, what's your big issue? >> i'm sorry, were you asking me that? i couldn't hear. >> what's your issue. i'm wondering whether reverend jackson even spoke to anybody in the tea party, whether he knows what your issues are, whether he knows anything about you, curious, so the viewers know, what's your big issue? >> well, for us, i mean, for example, i have been traveling the state of texas talking to other tea parties about how is it that you evaluate your elected officials. so it's really color-blind if you're looking at their voter
10:33 pm
record, what they're doing while they're in office. so we don't really care what color your skin is, we want to know, are you advancing the cause of freedom or are you trying to control us with big government. sure, i would love to have jesse jackson show us -- and meet some of these people. see that we're not racist, we're concerned about america, and we have a passion for what we're doing. >> larry, i have the same question for you. i'm curious -- does the media ever come down, and talk to you, what do you do for a living? what do you want, why are you in the tea party, do you get any of that. >> well, i think the media, in the past had a definite slant that was negative toward the tea party. some channels are an exception, obviously, it's interesting to me that if the issue is specific, apparently. i have to tell you, i've been treated very fairly by several members of the media, dozens, actually, about the irs scandal, and some of these other not so phony scandals, it seems to me
10:34 pm
everybody sort of rallies around the fact that americans should be targeted. >> you don't think you're held up as sort of the tea party as -- i hear about the tea party whether it's reverend jackson, or a member of congress who doesn't like the tea party. you are a fund-raises term for your opponents? >> well, i think so, but, i would raenk the reverend jackson, i would extend the hand of fellowship, i would like him to come to a richmond tea party meeting, if he did, he would open the door and here's what he would see, he would see an executive board that has one black member on it, next week we're going to be showing the runaway slave with c.l. bryant. he's an inspirational black speaker. we're reaching out to at risk minority youth. they don't think of us as being part of the old confederacy. >> you know what, reverend jackson if he's watching, everyone knows him, i'll tell him he has an invitation to go to your event.
10:35 pm
julia, you would probably like to meet him too, if reverend jackson wants to meet some tea party members. there's an open invitation. >> thank you. >> thank you so much, greta. you've heard of obama care, have you heard of boehner care? one group is about to make a nickname change official. what do they want him to do? the group is making demands outsideoehnboehner's office today. >> no more planned parenthood funding. our government does not have the right to killing of -- >> janet porter the group's founder joins us. nice to see you, janice. >> thank you, nice to see you, greta. >> were you part of the rally today outside the speaker's office? >> yes, ma'am. >> and why are you threatening to call obama care boehner care? >> well, it's really not a threat, i believe the speaker --
10:36 pm
we're hoping he has the courage to defund it, to pull the plug on obama care before he pulls the plug on us. and if he defunds obama care, then i believe he's doing right by the american people. but if he doesn't defund obama care, and use the power of the purse he's been given, i believe it will be called bainer care, he'll be the one responsible for having this implemented in america. take a look at what's going on. the irs, which is the organization that's been politically targeting, the systematic abuse of power, they're the same ones who are going to be deciding who lives or dies. and if the irs treats health care like they do the tea party and conservative groups, we're all dead. so our lives are on the line, and we're appealing to the speaker of the house to do right by the american people, to pull the plug on obama care, because he's the one with the power to do so. >> if it comes to this, that in order to defund it -- we have a stalemate in the city, in washington, in the nation, so that we have a government shutdown, now, the republicans
10:37 pm
are going to say it's the democrats, the democrats are going to say it's the republicans, nonetheless, everyone's pointing fingers, there's going to be a line in the sand and the government will be shut down, is that something you think the country request abso absorb? >> i believe he needs to do whatever it takes. quite frankly, if the government's shut down, we may be a lot safer than the government coming in, taking over, and deciding who lives and who dies. who gets life saving treatment and who doesn't. who gets to go home and take the pain pills. that's the thing our founders gave in their wisdom. i don't believe that this republican speaker and this republican house of representatives want to be known as the one who ushered in obama care, because again, the one responsible is the guy with the gavel, he's the one who has the power of the purse, and if he doesn't use it, i do believe it will be known from this point forward as boehner care, i don't think that's the legacy they
10:38 pm
want to leave. >> we have five seconds left, do you know if the speaker got your message? if he heard about your rally or he was there? >> well, we were there, and we were there with several hundred people, we were also going to be sending these orange postcards at you fill out the postcard, we'll pay the postage. we'll make sure that message is delivered if you weren't able to be at the rally today. >> janet, thank you we'll be watching this, thank you. >> god bless you. coming up, an affair with a prostitute, arson? it's all a day's work for one california man, he's not just anyone, he's a california prosecutor. the bizarre story and your legal panel in minutes. george zimmer telling the state of florida pay up. how much money is he going after? after? and will the sunshine state c humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's,
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10:44 pm
a laundry list of trouble will. he's accused of having an affair of haviwith a prostitute. the home of the d.a.'s mistress burns to the ground. the prosecutor is suspected of arson. let's bring our legal panel. what do you think, this prosecutor is in a heap of trouble? >> it's you and i on tonight? i read, san francisco d.a. i was worried that jim might have been in some hot water, and he's willing to take the case at a reduced rate. the prosecutor says, the personal part of this is just that, personal, it will be resolved with my wife and pastor and god. i love prosecutors, they invoke god when they win, they invoke god when they lose. >> this guy's been a d.a. for 28 years and certainly this is not a private matter, he's supposed to be the president of the
10:45 pm
california district attorney's association. and the fact about it hasn't been involved with this prostitu prostitute, and what he did was, the day after this, he went to the scene and he stayed on the scene and he started giving them information. >> and the police thought that was period. >> the police thought that was weird? >> absolutely, very suspicious. he taught in the fire academy. >> can i tell you my favorite part of this, this is the prostitute, she talked to the police, this is what it says in the article, she insisted to the newspaper that her relationships with adams ended after they were together one time, and that the prosecutor never paid her. >>. >> it's too funny. >> but the fact of it is, she's alleged to have been a prostitute. and for the d.a., that's like all in one. don't you think? >> yeah, i mean, he's going to be in front of the bar association for the state. he's not going to be president
10:46 pm
of the district attorney's club any more. i mean, it feels -- >> i don't think he's in trouble. >> you don't think he's in trouble? >> he's in trouble with his wife and his children. but i don't think he's in trouble -- the fact that he's sleeping with a prosdy toot -- as long as he didn't burn her house town. he wasn't the one who burned her house down. >> there were three different individuals they suspected. they looked at him, they're still looking at him, they cleared one of the individuals. >> ted knows my brother, he's an arson expert. when people come to the scene of an arson, while it's cooking or the next day, that automatically raises flags. >> bernie grim. now -- >> my brother will beat a confession out of him, they're not anderson any more. it's sad, it's sad for his wife, his kids. >> i don't -- >> maybe he weathers the storm. >> i think it's sad for his wife. but he's a jerk.
10:47 pm
>> now he's showing up at the weird arson, the woman, the arson. the woman -- she was charged an accessory in the death of her old boyfriend. it's a sorted history here. >> she was alleged to have been in bed with one boyfriend when another caught them. one of the boyfriends wound up dead. >> she was charged with an accessory after the fact. and got immunity and testified. what bothers me, the worst patrons were lawyers, they were so cheap. in this case. >> let's go back to this, according to the article, he never paid the prostitute. >> which is troubling now, the sad commentary is, this is 28 years of a man's life that is now under a micro scope, and he may. i don't know the allegations that are there. >> bernie's already convicted him, because he -- >> you can get disbarred for stealing something or forging a check for 10 bucks, greta might
10:48 pm
be right. i don't know what happens -- >> if he didn't commit the arson, the fact that he has a prostitute isn't a problem. >> it's embarrain>> am coming u donald trump is at war with new york. york. the could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow. who? meghan, my coworker. who? seriously? you've met her like three times. who? (sighs) geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. it's a reality check. i had my reality check when i'd be sitting there with my friends who had their verizon phones and i'd be sitting there like
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>> greta: time to hash it out. donald trump firing back saying snyderman is targeting him. attorney general snyderman suing trump and trump university for $40 million over promises to make students rich and now, attorney general snyderman is denying political motivation behind the lawsuit. >> did you file this lawsuit at the behest of president obama? >> in syracuse we spoke for a little bit. we have important suits than donald trump. the reason it was filed on a saturday trump's lawyer requested we wait until after midnight on friday. as with the facts related to trump university che continues to avoid by making personal
10:53 pm
attacks, um, mr. trump's statements are false. >> greta: trump doubling down on claims tweeting light weight hack snyderman says the case is weak and more, and filed one day later? there has been a targeting of the tea party by the obama administration, now, snyderman goes after me. no coincidence, ouch, one thing is clear the donald is not afraid. and he will not be intimidated. now backlash about miley cyrus's performance is still waging tmz tweeted the teddy bear fund slammed miley for using the beloved stuffed animal saying miley can
10:54 pm
them by giving teddy bears to children in need this, is the t rex of them all. huffington post tweeting this prank would have given us a heart attack. check out this japanese tv stunt going viral. okay that is cruel and just a tad bit funny. i hope the staff does not get nid ni idea. now capitol hill tweeting about the olympics reporting washington, d.c. to bid for 2024 summer olympics. many mocking the washington olympic bid using hash tag dc olympic event one tweeting senate floor exercises and one,
10:55 pm
synchronized spying. so, do you have an idea for a dc olympic event some use hash tag greta and send them to us. coming up, why is rush limbaugh center stage limbaugh center stage disr [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
10:56 pm
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then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. >> greta: is rush limbaugh looking at a second career of coaching college football? not exactly he did interrupt a meeting of coaches, somehow interrupted by a feed of rush limbaugh's radio show. >> i want to know are there any other positions you contemplated outside of naming a starter outside of the quarterback spot? >> well, i think that... >> since you're a liberal? >> hello. >> one moment. >> hello? >> okay. >> whatever that was... >> okay. okay. thank you.
11:00 pm
>> all right. is everybody there? today? >> if i'm listening to you or rush limbaugh. >> that was not intentional. again tax cuts were there, 50 years ago. remember the one in the middle. i am andrea tantaros, with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." 50 years ago tomorrow, martin luther king stood on the steps of the lincoln memorial, told the world about his dream. >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. we will will able to speed up that day when all of god's children, black men and white

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